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Full Moon night Festival in Hoi An

Every 14th day of the Lunar month, Hoi An full moon festival is held. Ancient town switches off its electric lights and shuts down to motorized vehicles and the lanterns go on. Under the full moon, Hoi An becomes one big center stage where all the locals come out and participate in reviving the golden days of prosperity and folklore cultural activities.

Full Moon night in Hoi An
Full Moon night in Hoi An

The festival starts around 6.00pm when the whole of HoiAn town is lighted with only dainty lanterns and everyone takes a stroll on the old narrow streets absolutely free from the sound of vehicles engine. Visitors can walkabout to wherever they feel like.

Releasing fower-garland on Hoai River
Releasing fower-garland on Hoai River

The Hoi An Lunar full moon festival activities recall the real life of Hoi An people over 4 centuries ago. Some groups of the Hoi an old men play the Chinese chess in front of their houses on the street, the local people & the young couples go around the city under the moonlight to feel their hope & enjoy the life. As you battle your way through the crowds on the street, you’ll be rewarded with bands playing bamboo flutes, drums and fiddles, as well as traditional games. On the banks of the Hoai River young men and women exchange folk songs. You will feel the life very worthy for living when you join the lunar lantern festival in Hoi An ancient town.

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