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Thông tin về các tour khám phá du lịch, những trải nghiệm khác nhau khi đến Hội An

Cam Thanh water coconut village Tour

cam thanh water coconut village

Cam Thanh village is about 4ha ,during the Vietnam war tthis was the shelter for local people and soldiers and nowadays this place is famous for providing the most seafood procduts for this area.Joining this tour you will have achance to learn some traditional fishing techniques and how to paddle ...

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Thanh Ha potterry village Tour

Thanh Ha pottery village tour

In the 16th and 17th century Thanh Ha was a thriving village. It was famous for earthenware that was sold in many provinces throughout Central Vietnam. It was Thanh Ha villagers who made the bricks, tiles and floor slabs for the old buildings in Hoi An and the surround-ing areas. ...

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Lantern Making

lantern making - hoian services

One of the greatest pleasure of any visitor to Hoi An is strolling along the beautiful streets of the old town at night under the flickering lights of the many beautiful lanterns. These colorful lanterns are not only the symbol of Hoi An old town but also a part of ...

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Cham Island Tour

cham island - hoian services

Cham islands are 15km from Cua Dai. There are seven islands altogether named according to their shape or characteristics. They are called Lao ( pear ), Dai ( long ), La ( leaf), Kho ( dry ),Tai ( ear ),Mo ( tomb ) and Nom ( East Wind ).They have ...

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Bicycle Tour around Hoi An

bicycle tour- hoian services

Most visitors to Hoi an spend a lot of time walking through the ancient streets, buying clothes, shoes and paintings in the town’s famous shop, but how many visitors get to discover the simple life of the villagers, watch the children at play and experience the warmth of their welcome ...

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Tra Que vegetable villages

tra que vegetable village - hoian services

Tra Que is a charming little village located just a few kilometres from Northeast of Hoi An. Its location is between De Vong river and Tra Que alga pond (Cam Ha commune – Hoi An town). This village is famous for many kinds of vegetables in a long time: lettuce, ...

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Hoi An ancient town Tour

Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town located in the lower section of Thu Bon river, Quang Nam Province, about 30 kilometers south of Danang city. Hoi An was a bustling international trading port,a meeting place of the trading ships of Japan, China and the West during the 17th and 18th ...

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